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UHT C.MI™ Graduate Member Details

Graduates of the University of Holistic Theology C.MI™

 (Certified Meditation Instructor) Program automatically qualify for IAMI Level-2 Instructor Membership. 

Graduates of the C.MI™ Advanced Program now qualify for Advanced Level-3 Instructor Membership. 

(November 2021) Look for new updated guidelines for C.MI™ Graduates coming soon! 

(Revised April 2014) With the addition of 6-month, One-Year, and Two-Year membership options, we have changed from the original 6-month membership subsidy, to a fixed dollar amount discount of US$35.

This change will allow new members to take advantage of extra discounts available for the one and two-year membership periods - or choose an almost full subsidy for the first 6-month period. 

Please note that the US$36 six-month membership option (including the $35 discount) now requires a US$1 payment.   

Please also note that your membership fees are NOT recurring - and you will be required to renew your membership, once your initial terms ends, if you wish to remain a member in good-standing. Upon renewal, you will have the option to choose from any of the available Level-2 membership terms (currently 6-mo., 1-year, and 2-years). 

Please note the following guidelines:

a. unless otherwise noted (e.g., part of a special promotion), graduates normally must create their IAMI Instructor Member account within a certain period (as outlined by your course provider). This is usually within a two (2) weeks (14-days) period after receiving your official C.MI Certification Number from UHT. Details will be sent from your course provider at the appropriate time - and will allow for sufficient time to create your membership within the time-period allowed.  

Note that Discount Coupon Codes are changed regularly - so, if you plan to become a member (and receive the discounted rate), please do so soon after you receive your custom discount code.

b. the C.MI Graduate Member understands that (again, outside of any special promotion) their subsidized membership discount will apply only for their initial membership period (either 6-mo., 1-year, or 2-years) - after which, payment of the standard membership fee will be due, in order for the membership (and any related benefits) to remain active. 

Member will be notified approximately two (2) weeks prior to the renewal date with further details. Please note that renewal is NOT mandatory - should the member wish to discontinue their membership at the end of their initial membership term, the member's IAMI account will become inactive - and the associated Instructor Directory Listing on this site will automatically be removed from public view. Inactive members must remove all reference to their IAMI listing from the web and other promotional materials according to our standard terms and conditions.                                           

The C.MI Administration Office will provide you with instructions for activating your IAMI membership (along with a unique member discount code) as part of your certificate package.

For details contact the C.MI. Administration Office:

Applying for different levels of membership:

Those graduates that wish to apply for Institutional, Organizational, or Provider Membership, must meet the guidelines as presented on the IAMI web site - and be approved by the Membership Committee. 

For details, contact the IAMI Membership Office:

More details on the C.MI. Program are available from the UHT web site.