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Thank you for visiting. The IAMI site will be undergoing a number of major updates and revisions over the coming months - adding new features and continuing to refine our new look! Please excuse any disarray, as we work to make these important changes.  

Welcome to the IAMI

Welcome to the premier association for professional meditation instructors, schools and practitioners worldwide. The IAMI exists to help meditation experts, instructors, practitioners and others interested in this field to learn, explore, and network together. 

As always, we invite you to join with us in whichever capacity is right for you - whether it be as a dues-paying member, or by becoming a sponsor. 

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As the IAMI enters its 7th Year, we've begun a major redesign of the association web site. We ask for your patience as we reorganize both the public and private areas of the site - add new features - and develop a brand-new look as well.  

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The IAMI website is under revision. New details coming soon! 

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  • Web directory listing with member details (school, class, workshop details) and link back to member's website (if applicable). Accessible across multiple platforms (e.g., computer, tablet, cell phone). 
  • Custom IAMI Member Graphic for use on your website.
  • Ability to update your public profile at anytime. 
  • Receive e-mail from prospective students without exposing your personal e-mail address. 
  • Networking opportunities with other instructors and schools.
  • Private Members-only web site. 
  • Networking opportunities with other instructors and schools.

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About the IAMI

The IAMI began in 2010 with a simple and straight-forward mission: to help promote the benefits of meditation practice - to provide helpful resources and a sense of community to professional meditation teachers -- and to help guide the public toward meditation schools, teachers and programs that may best suit their learning style, as well as their individual spiritual and/or cultural needs.

The International Association of Meditation Instructors is open to all forms of traditional and non-traditional meditation practices. Schools, Training Programs and Instructors are reviewed and accepted for membership based on IAMI Guidelines.

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